24 August 2016


Boxs reference SY283

Just got a scuba diving Robin from community a few days ago when I buy another bootleg, it's not my priority bootleg, so I didnt pay much attention on him...

unassemble timeeee,

Surprisingly it have cool equipment which I just saw it by now like frog flip, diving glass, oxygen tube, and also handcuff.

The printing was awesome, the shiny part on torso and face(it have 2 face) are really good, here is the detail,

I just got idea of photogenic shoot when i drink water and saw him just sit on my desk lol.
Bad news as i saw him, he sudenly jump from the water and force to arrest me hu huuuu,

It's an mistake Sir Robin, Im not guilty, the bad guy was right behind you

23 August 2016


Box reference SY295

This is figure I choose to buy on set SY295, because the mechanism and wing style seems awesome.

Unboxing timee,

SY brand truely good quality, all part seems shiny here let me zoom it closer,

Detail and print are perfectly flawless.

Ok time to make him alive now...let me prepare my coffee first
. Today is though day I have to overtime work until night...
Eh lo..what are you doing??? this is my coffee, even in 1 sachet I can split it into 2 glass I wont share it with you!!! You're a bat, you supposely can wake without coffee..grrrrrr

And then I have to perform my 4 hit combo's on Batman

And my coffee safe and sound, here we go to keep my eyes open today,

hahah take that , the coffe is mineeeee 

21 August 2016


Box reference no MX-J16.

There is 4 set in total, but imho, this figure is the best one than other.
The idea is make 2 in 1 minifigure.

Here what you meet inside the box(the snack behind was not inclulded),

Hmm..pretty full inside the shacet, this will take sometimes to assemble...
This brand quality not as good as other brand like SY/DECOOL/LELE, but still it's photogenic(good on photo).

Ok lets goes to first form(stop stare my snack backthere, it's minee),

See, on photo the truck seems pretty cute..and weird lol (pls be inform, the whells was not moveable).
Ok on 2nd form as Desert Scorpion here he is,

Seee, much better appreance isnt. I think it because his printing black glass on his face, also snipper gun on left hand.

Hmm....with the rest of spare part when figure assemble as figure, I think i can do something to build his truck,

Heaaaaah, did I told you before his foot is flexible because use balljoint build.

Yes, I put an red antena got from angry birds bootleg hehe, the truck seems even cutier like remote controled truck hehe.

And as you see the red glowing pipe back there...it's an spoiler for next post wehehehe


Box reference lele-79243

Last day goes to toy store to check whether any new bootleg, but mostly toys seems still same old stock. Just notice new stock Nexo soldier, but I didnt really like medieval series.

But still I check all set..seems weird medieval heroes have rapid bullet gun and weird weapon, until check this one seems pretty cool with red face n cape like Diablo.
Also his spear seems devastated. Ok I take him from store then.

Unboxing timee,

See, checking some part I already can smell awesome part like wing, cape, and spears..hmm I can use it for next project hehe.

Today just go bicycle with ma office collegue to the highland area just to take this Diablo photo..here we go,

One more time,

You know what, I take 2 kind of photo 1 is landscape, 1 is portrait

So I can use it perfectly both on PC wallpaper and Phone wallpaper.

Thats all for now for our new member El-Diablo 

20 August 2016


Just received an command to daylight ambush enemy headquarter.


Just driving arround, and find some cool spot.
Decide to stop and disguise like Chameleon,


Box number N/A
The box...I mean the tube series was unknown..no series, and all writen in chinnese,

Now lets untube and see what inside,

Im surprised my self when I open the tube, the print details was world class printing and equipment cutting detail was perfect, combined with good plastic material make this bootleg very good on photo.

After a while plug here and there we got completed figure like this,

Aiya...I fell terrible looking the result..there is something wrong here, why the green beret face look sad lol.

I think better some equipment replaced...like this,

See see, now he look bad ass without his funny hat, also a knife really do make different