21 June 2017


Product reference : LELE 791791-B

I named it underwater trooper because his suit look like water lol.
The helmet was superb.

Up up awaayyy

Aik Cheong Italian Supreme
-Not strong, but slightly I like this one than Ah Huat.


Product reference : LELE 791791-B

Desert trooper

In photo his appearance seems fantastic

Ah Huat Gold Medal
-To be honest so far 3 product of Ah Huat I didnt really like it, not melting enough on my 
  tongue lol.

20 June 2017


Product reference : LELE 791791-B

Co-pilot project in action,

Also on portrait mode,

Ah Huat low fatt:
-not much different with old town less sugar

18 June 2017


Instant coffee always preferable to enjoy than daily visit on nearest coffee shop.
Easy serving direction, time efficiency, and cheaper cost is the main reason.

An simple tips from me for all homey instant coffee lover:

1.Thick since first kiss. 
-Get a customized to pour a water first, then put the coffee.
-With this way you will get thick taste since first kiss, not thick on the bottom of cup.

-Lazy fellas like me always didn't need to think over with spoon for instant dissolving.
-Just roll the instant coffee really tiny enough to dissolve the coffee, and voila no need to look for spoon and wash it


Product reference : LELE 791791-B

This awesome set contains 6 MF and spare part to be assemble d into 1 big ship.
Sound good isn't.

Random pick and I decide this one as Pilot Project for the pioneer.

As usual portrait mode for cool phone wallpaper,

Coffelicious Old Town less sugar:
-Almost plain
-Premium taste.

11 June 2017


Product reference :Lego 75132

I know it was cool since I saw it.
Now here they are as my new desk citizen,

Wait what is red light inside the bunker?

Thanks to this part transparency and dark room inside make those glowing red light effect.

27 May 2017

TSMEU-6 on Action

Product reference: SY309

This one is coolest bike ever (even used by looser General Grievous).
On action :

Please ignore spice girl on behind lol.

Now for cool pose,

For portrait lover

It was all terrain wheel bike, here another pose,
From the sky,