24 October 2016


Product reference POGO643

Not too like the appreance, but his saber handle is interest me.
So lets buy it, it's cheap wont make you poor lol.

let see what inside,

Cool table(it was on Mc.Donald if you ask).
Here is complete one,

Im here to reveal injustice being arround us.

So today found was.....

What the hell is this???
Mc.Donald Mc.Flurry, the cup is same issued at 2015.
but this year cup seems soo tiny compared to same cup 1 year ago.

23 October 2016


Product reference Enlighten Series 2/A

Just see new series on group and my eyes goes to chinnese vampir and tedy bear.
After look a bit closer seems nutcracker, and the criminal seems have cool equipment.
They didnt sell it separately, so I have to buy a whole set....oh well then..rare one, new one, and cool one..no reason not to buy it lol.

Ok, here we go for the jumping teror/chinnese vampir part,

The hats is superb quality, printing was good and precision, all part stick fit and tight enough.

Hahaha, scarryy funny like it so much.
Wait wait, another shoot from different angle and with his equipment,

huehehe, nicer look with correct angle.
put it on your previous item(jewel storage/money storage/delicious food), he will keep it from unwanted thief lol
like this one,
In Indonesian -> NYOLONG, BRAKOT!!!

Tips from friend on group : hold your breath near this jumping teror hahahaha

17 October 2016


Part of LEGO-Star-Wars-Advent-Calendar-75146

Just saw it on auction store, and just bid as low as possible..cant believe it I get it hahaha.
No specific reason why I want it, just fell it should be cool part to use off.

what inside?

First time I unpack it, I already fell there is something wrong.
Yes it sealed and brand new, also Lego brand..but I just fell something missing.

Here is the preview on Lego site,

Yep I didnt see base plate and the connector to the plane.
Also red transparent part seems useless beacuse wont visible from front.

ah whatever, here is my modification from unused part I have,

Hahah much better now.
Let put it on other bricks,

I just think on star wars movie why all the vilain was superb hahaha

16 October 2016


HTC Thunderbolt
Mavis(Hotel Transylvania)
Kylo Ren
Darth Vader
Darth Malgus
Darth Revan.

In 1 shoot,

They may seems scary outside, but they are chick lover hehehe.

13 October 2016


Mr Dracula Boshi series II
Mrs Dracula Lego series 14

Prepare Hallowen on Oct 31th, here some cool creepy brick for you.

Rare bricks which make me laugh lol, because the price of Mrs dracula(Lego) is almost same with Mr Dracula(Non Lego).

It doesnt important anyway, the fact was both of them was damn awesome and must have hohoho.

Lets follow the story with what part available below,

Mr Dracula on left and Mrs Dracula. Somehow It become cold sudenly here, and my neck become itchy...

Both Mr and Mrs Dracula cape was cool and wont available anywhere(if you need it for MOC or whatever you need just leave a message on MY FB Timeline.

Ok lets assemble it back and make a cool wallpaper for both PC and Phone(note that if you need without watermark I can share to you by request on MY FB Timeline too.

Landscape one,

Pssssstt dont tell anyone, the castle was only my laptop wallpaper hehehe(it was cheap trick lol).

Portrait one, grab it fast,

Oh already dawn, time to sleep everyone 

12 October 2016



Actually I have this figure long time ago. But I didnt find good time to assemble it hehe.
Thanks to ma fella who Star Wars freak can explain the short story for me haha.
Here is the link given ba ma friend Edwin watch it first before continue,

Wehehehe awesomee, coolest vilain ever. Thanks even he's silly, but die honourly due to Obi Wan cheating use auto grab gun lol.

Ok, let see what inside,

It must have bricks because it was special edition, unlike normal lego shape.
And he have 4 lightsaber as cool as seen on movie haha.

Let's finish it,

wuehehehehe coooll, sometimes I fell too proud of my self lol.
It was my old android HTC Thunderbolt, I have it on nokia and blackberry era, those android make me as coolest cellphone on that era.

Now he 4 years old and become ugliest cellphone compared to the other sniff sniff..
but thats OK. This cell phone still serve me well, especially with darth vader background hehe.

Command: General Grievous, protect ma cellphone with your with your force!!!