30 September 2016


Box reference Bela 10456

Actually I only need her equipment "camera".
This one a lil rare and difficult to get.

Ok lets peek what part available,

There is so much part inside, and happyliy there is nothing lost there.
An extra part can be rebuild into small totem(but I didnt use it, coz ugly haha).

Assemble and I decide to upgrade her camera into famous equipment named "tongsis".

An there she so happy take an selphie photo with Star Wars rebels transport vessel,


Product list :
Camera : Bela 10456 (Velma)
Ordinary black hand as bracelet
Stick : various stick, this one from Black Widow blue stick

Selphie is very fun activity especially on Indonesia.

So from Velma camera I modified it a bit to be a cool cheap tongsis with very cool effect hahaha.

Here is short step by step progress,

And enjoooy your must have gadget on every ocation lol.

29 September 2016


Product referene Decool 0137

One of coolest vilain over spiderman series stronger, faster, deadly.
Im lucky one can get him because venom is old product and difficult to obtain hehe.

All part available,

The back mechanism divide into 2 part which make them possible to spin.

Here is the assembled Venomous on the bolt field,

I cant find any relation between venom, spider and bolt...just they are same shiny and splendid.

27 September 2016


from SY295 set

Just wandering arround to check situation,

26 September 2016


Box reference LELE 79295

Last figure I buy from that set because his motorcycle seems clasic and cool.

Unboxing time,

LELE quality is good, brick quality not as shiny as SY, but print quality is superb.
Silver colour on the chest is shiny, also silver scratch on the face also shiny.
Rubber whell also soft and stick well on velg.

Complete spare part assemble should appear like this,
Actually photo result is good and the fire exhaust seems realistic.
But in fact I didnt too like it, so here is my MOC(My Own Creation),

I think I need to look for another helmet..I hate his plain head lol

25 September 2016


Ladies vacation on sunday morning.

Pilot:But please..no weapon onboard

23 September 2016


Box reference Xinh223

Not sure from where/what game/movie he come from but a few days ago when I upload mermaid all friend on group encourage me to create MOC(My Own Creation) of poseidon.

But first lets unboxing the product,

Goodprinting, good shape, good pamflet.
I think they put some extra part for additional big plane, but I wont buy other series on the set coz Im not too like it.

Oh ya..the part is a little loose so if you play with them you will find torso can be easily loose.

Ok let assemble it as a mermaid flip,

Hmmm.....I dont know but why he seems a little cute and ...sissy.
How bout you do you fell same like me? or he seems braver than this original foot,

Actually his face really a little sissy with his hair lol.
But the foot help him seems more macho haha.